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We are here not only to teach you Sourashtri language, but also a great deal of matters as the 15 kinds of spiritual techniques and Art of living mandatory. We are introducing to you so many other interesting matters too.  To know these things you should learn Sourashtri script first. Because these matters and techniques are given in Sourashtri language. Why have this site given everything in Sourashtri language? The reason is to develop Sourashtri language to the Zenith.  Then a question may arise, why all these things are given only in Sourashtri, if this is given in English or Tamil, it may reach everybody. But as far as we are concerned, first we should follow before preaching everybody.  If we don’t know a thing and do not get the benefit of the Art, how can we preach others? So, we have to learn these first and moreover, another question may again arise, “What if they listen to us or not, let’s preach”, but there is another difficulty that those who are not familiar with our language may think our language is inferior and their language is superior one.  So, they will not listen to us and think what is there in Sourashtri that is not in our language.  So, lets first follow this and be benefited and they will automatically try to quest over knowledge.
In fact all the 15 spiritual techniques are interrelated and they are vey confidential. They are related to each and everything.  So, if you want to know them all, you should just know our Sourashtri script. Then you can know all the 15 techniques.

The Heading of each technique is given below:

1. The Centre point of A Human(Madhyam)
2. Uses of Saliva, Eye as specific dimension, Vocal cord and their features and Avadhan
3.Panche’ndriya  and their features
4. Dharana
5. Yoga nidhra
6. Knowledge in appetite and how to utilise
7. Knowledge of works and planning
8. Achievement of Aim in Life
9. Habits to be neglected
10. Personality development of our Life, Adhistan
11. Karma, Kriya, reaction and solution of the karma
12. Dimensions of Life
13. Athi Neluv (Super sensitivity)
14. Skin and features for Life force
15. Sarvagya Pranayam

The sanctity of life lies in several qualities and faculties like Health(Swasti), Wealth(Aishwaryam), Faith(Shradha), Wisdom(Meta), Honor(Yasha), Consciousness(Pragya), Education(Vidya), Knowledge(Buddhi), Strength(Balam), Tejas, Valor(Veeryam), Long life(Ayush) and so on. These qualities have been inhibited by Sourashtrians for almost 10000 years and more. But they are gradually lost because of the degradation of language and mingling with other languages and lost its purity and originality. To get back these qualities we need to purify our language.

And a very unique feature of this script is Symbols. They are the symbols of ‘COSMIC RECORDS’. They are used for getting a prosperous life with the mentioned qualities above like health, wealth and so on. And this symbol can heal the illness, teach Akshara Vigyan and relieve from Witchcraft.
More over, our ambition is to give all these things in Sourashtri as a primary thing. So after a great deal of hard work, we are giving these in website. More over, these will be recorded that they are discovered by Sourshtrians and by no other people of the world.

So, to follow these techniques, we need Alphabets. In olden days, people wrote Sourashtri language in Tamil scripts, Devanagari(Hindi) scripts.  But a great development was made by Sri.T.M.RAMARAI a century ago. He has made a great deal of hard work to develop the language script and people. He developed the language under his master Sri LAXMANACHARYA and taught them to the people as printed matters technically.  So we are here to follow Sri. T.M.RAMARAI. There is no difficulty in learning this script. But we have made some remarkable changes as line form which is already there in the form of oval or round.

We have tried to write it in line shape with only a few changes to make it more attractive.  We are not changing it at all; we are making it more attractive scientifically and technically with the whole hearted blessings of Sri.T.M.RAMARAI.

Those who are willing to learn Purathana Lipi can learn that and not forced to learn this modernised lipi by us. But if you want to learn Akshara Vigyan and The Symbols, you should learn only through this modernised script which is made attractive with the soul blessings of Sri.T.M.RAMARAI.

You may think that we are developing the language and so finding fault with Sri.T.M.RAMARAI’s work. But we are here not to find fault with him but only to honour him. Because Sri. T.M.RAMARAI’s great deal of hard work should not go in vain. So, we should teach everybody the script of our language to take our language to a higher position. So we should learn language technically.  How each and every language differs and unique in its way, how the formation of language takes place. What is the form if two letters are written alone and what if three, four and so on.  This has also been dealt in this site technically.  As we are learning the language, we should form so many words. If a letter makes no meaning, it will remain a letter. If it gives a meaning, it will become a word. So, we are also discriminating words in nouns, verbs and so on.  For example to denote a sentence, we call it “Vataga”, in sanskrit “Vakyam”.  So we are teaching such words and making sentences also in this site.
In Sourashtri, there are 2 lettered,  3 lettered, 4 lettered words, but many of the words are two and three lettered in Sourashtri, the four and five lettered words are less in numbers. In fact that some of the  4 and 5 lettered words are taken from the Sanskrit and 2 and 3 lettered words are in Sourashtri origin.  To know and learn any language, we should better know the alphabets first.  A language always gets a special place if it is learnt through its own alphabets.  So, to honour our language, we should know the alphabets.  You are here only to develop your language and not to learn.  As we are all native speakers of Sourashtri, we just need to learn alphabets and not language or grammar which is called “Vyakaranam” in sanskrit and “Vata kerni” in Sourashtri.  After learning the language scripts completely, we should think of the linguistics of Sourashtri and we should dissect the language grammatically and technically in nook and corner.

Now, our ambition is not to give grammar but language skill and script. So, we are going to update this website on every fortnight.  We request you all to give your powerful support to develop our language and people and you should show the power of Sourashtri, the Art of living and Spiritual techniques in Sourashtri and so you can learn these techniques.  We promise that if you contact us, surely we will teach you the techniques.  But we request those who ignore the script or language not to contact us.  Those who want to learn only techniques and not language are requested not to contact us.  Those may think what is beneficial in learning the language and they may ignore the power of the language.  We request them to be afar away and keep watching the power of Sourashtri language. Those who think, this site in ours, the language is ours, the script is ours and we are here to develop the language can surely be benefitted by this website.  Moreover, we welcome those who want to learn Sourashti script.  It is difficult to learn the techniques if you are not familiar with sourashtri and we also teach these techniques through BHAVGADGITA, Pathanjali Yoga Soothra, Purusha Suktha and so many other thing having the holiness and we try to give them to you in Sourashtri. We also inform you that it will be some how difficult to agree or understand who believes only in One God. For example, Saivas who pray only Lord Shiva and Ignore Lord Vishnu and Vaishnavas who pray only Lord Vishnu and Ignore Lord Shiva and so on.  We preach these things to the whole mankind and not to a specific sect of people.

We now pray Maha Guru Sarvagya, and his great blessings.  To follow him, we develop an Organisation “Maha Guru Sarvagya Raja Yoga Kendra”. In this Kendra, we have developed a lot of things as we have mentioned before.
                Once again we give our whole hearted welcome to our website, “”.

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